'Star-Spangled Banner,' and all the people in the house

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"Today, senor, through your own heedlessness you were bitten by a venomous snake."

'Star-Spangled Banner,' and all the people in the house

"Yes, that is true, although I do not know how it came to your knowledge. But why am I not a dead man, then--have you done something to save me from the effects of the poison?"

'Star-Spangled Banner,' and all the people in the house

"Nothing. What could I do so long after you were bitten? When a man is bitten by a snake in a solitary place he is in God's hands. He will live or die as God wills. There is nothing to be done. But surely, sir, you remember that my poor grandchild was with you in the wood when the snake bit you?"

'Star-Spangled Banner,' and all the people in the house

"A girl was there--a strange girl I have seen and heard before when I have walked in the forest. But not this girl--surely not this girl!"

"No other," said he, carefully rolling up another cigarette.

"It is not possible!" I returned.

"III would you have fared, sir, had she not been there. For after being bitten, you rushed away into the thickest part of the wood, and went about in a circle like a demented person for Heaven knows how long. But she never left you; she was always close to you--you might have touched her with your hand. And at last some good angel who was watching you, in order to stop your career, made you mad altogether and caused you to jump over a precipice and lose your senses. And you were no sooner on the ground than she was with you--ask me not how she got down! And when she had propped you up against the bank, she came for me. Fortunately the spot where you had fallen is near--not five hundred yards from the door. And I, on my part, was willing to assist her in saving you; for I knew it was no Indian that had fallen, since she loves not that breed, and they come not here. It was not an easy task, for you weigh, senor; but between us we brought you in."

While he spoke, the girl continued sitting in the same listless attitude as when I first observed her, with eyes cast down and hands folded in her lap. Recalling that brilliant being in the wood that had protected the serpent from me and calmed its rage, I found it hard to believe his words, and still felt a little incredulous.


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